open meeting 15 - thornton tomasetti CORE studio

open meeting 15 – thornton tomasetti CORE studio

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This presentation will highlight the current work and future speculations of the CORE research and development group at Thornton Tomasetti. CORE studio is a firm-wide virtual incubator of ideas. Our mission is to increase the value we bring to clients through innovation. The studio coordinates R&D, develops custom software and apps, designs workflows to optimize project realization and develops computational models. The name denotes the union of computational modeling and research and development, which are at the core of our firm’s mission. Our team is a diverse collection of specialists. Each member brings expert knowledge and an inquiring mind to projects of every size and scope. We work with all of Thornton Tomasetti’s practices and disciplines, experience that provides us with an insightful perspective.


Robert Otani, Principal, Thornton Tomasetti based in New York and Hiram Rodriguez, Computational Designer, Thornton Tomasetti based in Chicago