open meeting 07 - design education + computation

open meeting 07 – design education + computation


Tristan Sterk, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Jordan Kanter, Illinois Institute of Technology

Thomas Kearns, Illinois Institute of Technology


In the Chicago Computation Groups first panel discussion on design education + computation Tristan, Jordan, and Thomas presented work of their representative studios and seminars that engage the topic of advanced computational / parametric techniques.  It was a great discussion and particularly interesting when the conversation shifted towards how the tools we make can contribute to critical design thinking. Below are some images from the event and here is a link to the original announcement – //link.  A special thanks to the presenters and to Thornton Tomasetti for hosting the event.

om7_1 IMG_20141118_183241 IMG_20141118_185153 IMG_20141118_192734