open meeting 04 - uncertainty and bayesian calibration in building energy modeling

open meeting 04 – uncertainty and bayesian calibration in building energy modeling

Uncertainty and Bayesian Calibration in Building Energy Modeling – Dr. Ralph Muehleisen, Principal Building Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

Ralph presented a very interesting topic related to the energy modelling of new and existing buildings and the inherent misalignment that occurs between these simulations and reality.  Statistical probability was the primary means that was presented to quantify the feasibility and overall impact of system / building design solutions. This method also exposes the complex interrelationships within building design and the need for a solution to identify the primary “sensitive” elements within any given design solution so that more informed decisions can be made about the strategies to be employed to reduce energy usage and increase design efficiency.

There was also a fair amount of discussion on this topic (the need for the reduction in energy usage / increase in design efficiency) because the built environment is one of the largest contributor to global climate performing “accurate” energy simulations and performance analyses are essential to mitigate future effect of this change.

Below are images from the event and a link to the video and many thanks to the AIA:Chicago for hosting such a great event. open meeting 04 - 01   open meeting 04 - 03open meeting 04 - 02



The next upcoming meetings will be discussing design research and computational design strategy, urban scale data analytics, the ways in which design schools in the area are utilizing computational tools, and advanced digital fabrication.