open meeting 03 - the city is a platform

open meeting 03 – the city is a platform

The City is a Platform – John Tolva, President of PositivEnergy Practice

John discussed a wide variety of topics from data streams within the city and how they are used to shape our urban infrastructure, the “internet of things”as it applies to the design of the built environment, and the tools designers and engineers have to create to be able to tackle the problems that cities / regions / countries face.

There was also a very engaging discussion afterward about data democracy and the misuse of data streams along with a broad discussion about how architects and designers are poised to integrate these processes into their design methodology.

Below are images from the event and a link to the video (apologies for the audio only portion of the video) and many thanks to core member Alloy Kemp for organizing the event and to Thornton Tomasetti for hosting such a great event.




The next meetings will be discussing urban scale data analytics, the ways in which design schools in the area are utilizing computational tools, and advanced digital fabrication.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!